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Welcome to Trinitas Theatricals

Trinitas Theatricals in Southern New South Wales is a theatre and entertainment company that aims to produce and promote quality entertainment. At the same time, we empower both aspiring and established theatre talents of all ages.

We work on a variety of plays and musicals, from pieces that have stood the test of time to fresh and alternative modern productions. Additionally, we also stage cabaret shows for fundraisers and functions, as well as nationwide touring events. The term “trinitas” represents the three facets of theatre: acting, music and dance.

The founders of our company have been heavily involved in local and professional entertainment for many years. They have also worked closely with many professionals in the Australian arts and entertainment industries.

Who We Perform For

Aside from regular theatre audiences, we also perform for charitable organisations as well as and small, mid-size and large businesses that want to be thoroughly entertained during their various events. Wherever there is a performance venue for us to display our talents, our touring theatre company will be there to put on an exciting show.