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Offering Quality Theatrical Entertainment

As a touring theatre company, Trinitas Theatricals in Southern New South Wales is committed to providing quality entertainment for theatre audiences wherever they may be. Our talented actors and hardworking crew work together to bring spectacular performances that are absolutely captivating and memorable.

What We Offer

Theatrical Revivals

Our company breathes new life to beloved plays and musicals that have made their mark in the history of popular culture. You will absolutely love seeing and hearing those unforgettable scenes and songs on stage all over again, but with a twist. In fact, this coming June 2017, we are bringing back the hilarious Tony-Award-winning musical Avenue Q.

For more information on our current and upcoming productions, see Our Productions page.

New Productions

We also conceptualise and develop brand-new productions that feature a wide array of genres. Our company takes great pride in our in-house creative team as they deftly turn compelling ideas and stories into reality.

Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Dinner Theatre Shows

If you have a fundraiser or special function, we can provide musical theatre, cabaret or one-night-only dinner theatre shows for you and your guests’ viewing pleasure.

Touring Events

Our yearly performance calendar also includes dates where we take our plays on the road. We regularly tour allowing us to be closer to our audiences.